When was the last time you controlled your raging emotions for someone when you were on the verge of losing your mind? When was the last time you, for God’s sakes, just listened to the person who was twisting and crumbling your heart ‘with violent words and empty threats’? (I love this song). All was acceptable because the person means something to you. Period. Okay let’s make things worse. You are already sorry a million times for whatever you did not do. No you are not a fool; you’re just trying to save the relationship. Or maybe you are. Then comes your worst nigtmare: you were already screwed due to some fu****g sh**t happening in your life and boom, the person you care for shows you the middle finger (literally) while you’re just trying to calm him or her down. But Jeez! You don’t want to enrage the person all the more (even if you’re getting a lot hotter in your head!). Does that make sense? To the world, no; to you, yes.
And in all honesty, you pretty well know that this behaviour of them is slowly eating you up. It’s knawing at your heart and ceasing the beats. Still, oh you pitiable human, try your best to make things work. Let’s face it – a time comes when you abuse the person in your head (I mean obviously) and that’s it. You let your enraged emotions flow with abuses. Intelligent? No. For all those people in dire straits like this, my sincere prayers that you win the argument!!

Well, well, well…before I sign off, I forgot to apologise for calling you people a fool – because I myself am one of you! 😉


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