Hello once again! It’s been long – pretty long – since I last posted someting. Actually, I had my intermediate exams going on. And nothing could be scarier for a student like me than screwing up any paper. Consequently the dreaded period of exams kept me busy throughout. Testophobia.

“The best way to overcome your fears is to face them”.

I’m pretty sure all of you must be aware of this golden statement. Every individual on this planet fears at least something. Be it loneliness (ermitophobia), darkness (scotophobia), animals (zoophobia), electricity (electrophobia), speaking in public (glossophobia) and many more. In fact one would be amazed to know that there are some people who are afraid of many uncommon and eccentric things. For instance, while some people are gephyrophobic (afraid of bridges), some are ballistophobic (afraid of bullets); while we can see demophobics around (who are afraid of crowd), there are some who are even anthropophobic (they fear people)! My best friend Akriti has trust issues. She doesn’t trust people easily. Good Heavens I’m lucky, for you don’t get pistathrophobic people to trust you for life. Okay so getting into more of my people whom I’m surrounded with, there’s another girl-friend (semi-friendzoned..shh!) – she is kakorrhaphiaphobic as well as anglophobic. Yes she fears failure, especially in English! The tall guy in our group fears height (acrophobia) and another best friend of mine is tocophobic (fear of children). I mean are you kidding me? Anyway, if I talk talk about myself, I have my own list. Beginning with aichmophobia (fear of pointed objects), I have haemohobia (fear of blood) and the common one which you all should be knowing – claustrophobia (fear of enclosed places, remember?)

So what to do? I’m afraid we can do nothing but face our fears. Let me ask you this: do you feel embarrassed by revealing your fear(s) to others?


Seriously? They laugh?

Just ask them what are they afraid of. Sure as hell, at least something. For God’s sakes, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Before I sign off, a word of request…even if you are bibliophobic to some extent, do let me know what are your views about this article!

PS: I never knew I know my friends’ phobias. Now it’s time to tease them. NO! πŸ˜‰



6 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Hi,
    “der aaye, par durust aaye !”. Fear, Fool, Forgot, all these are fair, if one can tear apart those phobias ! Next one ? Eagerly awaiting.


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