This is a short post about being in some of the many circumstances which happens for the last time, and we are unaware of it. It can either make us or break us. 


It’s disheartening, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s emancipation…

It depends.

On the situation.

How many of us are really saddened on realising the fact that it’s for one last time that we are meeting someone? How many of us really feel the bliss on realising that it’s for one last time that we are meeting someone? So, ‘it depends‘.

I still remember my first day in school. No wait, it’s not cliched! I did not cry, trust me. I was happy that finally after two long years I was ready to attend school. Little did I know it was a fourteen-years investment of monotony, homeworks, tests, exams, early morning wake-ups and staying in discipline. Huh! Fortunately some months back, I lived all these drudgeries for one last timeOn the flip side though, little did I know it was such a long investment of friendships, those self created lunch breaks in the middle of chemistry class, bunking classes of the deadliest of subjects and hanging out with friends on the staircase behind the library, those stolen glimpses with the girl in the second row in the midst of history class, the cricket matches (“wars”, rather) with other classes to mark our superiority and the memories. It all flashed before me on the very same day when I realised it was for one last time

Today morning, I woke up early. It was sometime before sunrise. I do not remember the time owing to the overwhelming emotions prevailing within me. The orange-red rays in the horizon was an obvious indication that yesterday had passed. I recalled my day before last night’s conversation with someone special. I did not feel bad the next day after the conversation; but something had happened today. I had failed in my attempts to make it work. You know, there comes a point when you just can’t give anymore. You gave someone all you had and all you could, but not anymore. I kept on looking at the horizon. I don’t know why but it was heart-wrenching. Perhaps it was so because of the realisation that it was for the one last time that I had had a deep conversation and a deep connection with that someone.

Turns out, you never know when someting or a situation becomes the last time you’ll ever see it or be in it. While sometimes it can be good, the other times it becomes unbearable. I don’t know if it is the right solution, but I stongly believe that whatever happens life goes on. And we too must go on with the flow. After all, change is something which comes with a tagline: “Either you adapt or you perish”. 


3 thoughts on “One Last Time

  1. An immortal story. It is something like, to throw a stone on a beehive, and listen the music from a far. It creates sheer joy, fear, agony, but finally a settle, to settle down. It happens with every one friend ! I’m at the last leg of my life, yet your story, I took it as my own. Thanks for such a beautiful narration. Kudos !


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