​After a long journey through the roads of the city of temples, Bhubaneswar, amidst the heavy traffic, we reached the KIIT Convention Centre. The first thing that hit us was a slightly warm day – well that might be because of the sudden escape from the air-conditioned cab. I remember, rolling two big bags and carrying one, all full, and strolling for around 700 metres till the auditorium 7 was quite a job for us. Us includes my father, mother and me, well, of course. The colossal towers and magnificent greenery of KIIT held our eyes captive. 

We attended the Orientation Program in the Auditorium 7 and I was alotted my hostel room. It took us around one hour.  

Kings’ Palace VII, that’s my hostel. They took my biometrics and I was inside the three-bedded room. Once inside, I saw my two other roommates had already arrived and the room was occupied with them and their parents. 

I tell you, befriending people had never been so easy my entire life! Not just for me, parents-parents friendship built up in a blink of an eye: numbers exchanged, hands shaken. I got my belongings that the college had to offer: books, blazer, bucket, cushion, bedsheet, pillow and a laundry bag. Mom arranged the cupboard while I listened to her commandments.

Two hours later, we had known each other fairly well. Superficially, for now. The deep and lifelong friendship awaits… There was another event that we attended and that took an hour. 

It was 6:30 and the time had come for the students to start living a new life without their parents. That included me as well. Reluctance to let go of them was not allowing me to maintain my composure. It felt as if someone was ready with a knife to slice my heart. But blimey, I controlled myself! Not long though. I hugged mom, she hugged me; I hugged dad, he hugged me. Mom kissed me and cried, I choked too. 

I returned to my room which was drenched in darkness. I didn’t feel like turning on the lights. I sat on my bed and contemplated about I don’t know what. However minutes later, my two roommates, Shivam and Sayanjit, reached. Obviously, I had to lie to them. 

And now we are having a group discussion about our likes, dislikes, hobbies and everything. We’ve clicked well with each other. Loneliness doesn’t feel that much effective now. It’s them that I’ve to spend the next four years(or maybe rest of my life) with. Even though, I miss my friends back home. I am thinking about my old friends when Shivam asks me, “What are you typing?” 

“This”, I say and show him my account. 


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