Hi there!

Is it true that you get blogging ideas when you’re lying on your bed, doing absolutely nothing? I guess it is. It was in the transcience of that moment when I realized that my Freshmen year at college is over. Not a big deal, you might say, but it’s the delusion of the clock that baffled me. I mean, I never realized all this time that I had joined college a year ago. Even now, as I type this, I feel I had joined here just two months ago! It was just “two months” ago that I was finding it difficult to live away from home. I remember sitting on the sofa at the dead of the night when everyone in my house was asleep. I just couldn’t sleep. The thought that it was my “last night” in home had haunted me terribly. I looked at everyone’s sleeping faces and I could not be more nostalgic!  And then the cliched thing happened – incessant tears started rolling down my cheeks. I tried hard to control them, but it would not stop. There I sat motionless, trying to supress the already silent sobs and the tears when, out of nowhere, my mom embraced me. She was awake all this time! Mothers are mothers after all. It was “two months” ago that I felt a little insecure seeing masses of new faces all around – in my class, in my hostel, in the entire new city, for Gods’ sakes! It was just “two months” ago that I made a handful of good friends. But truth is, I had been so busy in trying to adapt to a totally new lifestyle that I never saw time fly.

But what I did see is the changing colours of people. Old ones, new ones, everyone’s. Well, almost. You know, to fantasize about takiing along with you every one of them who’ve stayed by you all this time would be a blunder. You’ll eventually leave behind the majority. Maybe, if you happen to be lucky enough, that one best friend will stick up to your a** forever. And guess what, mine did!

You know, life’s tricky. The people who you thought you hated for life eventually turn out to be the ones you love! For instance, my roommates and other fellow classmates. (Hey roomies, if you people ever read this, don’t take it to your hearts. I love you!) And there are some you click with in the very first time you meet them. (Cliche: Holy shit! Where have you been all my life?!)  I may have completed one year of the four best years of one’s life, which kind of makes me sad – one year already over, but there are three more years to go – reason to be happy.

College is the time you got productive and responsible. I have started hating sitting idle and sleeping. College effect! So in order not to waste my three months stay at home, I have registered in an online course which I hope would do me good. I so hope! 

I think that’ll be enough for today, rather tonight. Goodbye until the next post! Signing off!



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